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Open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. 2pm till 4pm

How Can I Start To Use The Centre ?

Local Solicitors, Probation officers, Social workers and CAFCASS officers all know about the centre, and will help you make arrangements


Self referrals are also accepted. Go to Contacts page to request a self referral form.


What Will I Find There ?

Facilities are designed to provide...

A happy relaxed atmosphere.

A spacious sitting and playing area, with toys and games for all ages.

A comfortable area where the residential parents can wait. 

Seperate entrances mean that former partners need not meet each other (Please let us know if this is your wish).

The centre may be used as a handover point if agreed in writing beforehand. 

Light refreshments are available. 

Who Runs It ?

Church Street child contact centre is accredited by the registered charity The National Association of Child contact centres. Volunteers are drawn from many backgrounds, and all have the appropriate CRB checks. The facility is available to everybody in the community. The centre is managed by an independant management committee who 

have established Policies which can be viewed on this website.

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Calendar Of Opening Dates

Our Policy

Parents must remain responsible for the safety and supervision of their children while at the centre, and we are asked to ensure that the church property is respected.


  • Children must not be left at the centre without a parent in attendance.

  • Children cannot be taken from the centre without prior written consent from the residential parent.

  • The resedential parent leaving children at the centre must provide a telephone number if he/she leaves the centre.

  • A parent who cannot keep an appointment should let their formaer partner know AND either leave a message at the centre when it opens, or telephone the coordinator beforehand.

  • As this is a special time for children to spend with the parent they do not live with, we suggest initially that only parents attend. New partners, family members or friends can come along later if all parties agree in writing.

  • Absolutley no alcohol or drugs are allowed in the centre. Entry can be refused at the discretion of the staff.

  • Smoking is not allowed on these premises.

Our Supporters

The work of the centre is funded entirely by donations. We gratefully acknowledge the support of

  • The Local Network Fund for Children

  • Slough Borough Council Kick Start Grant 

  • Give a Child a Chance

  • Slough Borough Council Preventative Services Fund 


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